Tour Meeting Point.: Hotel lobby or hagia sophia(your option)
Tour Pick Up Time At.: 09:00 (approx.)
Tour Finishes at.: 16:30 - 17:00 (approx.)
Tour Duration.: 8 hrs.
Tour Available.: 365 days in year

09:00 AM Sultanahmet Istanbul Daily Tour will started at your location. After meeting with the tour guide, continue to Sultanahmet square by using the public transportation.

you visit the most attraction tourist sites in old city in Istanbul.

- Egyptian Obelisks.
- Byzantine Hippodrome.
- German Fountain.
- Blue Mosque.
- Hagia Sophia.
- Topkapi Palace.
- Grand Bazaar.
- Spice Market.



- By Local vehicles.

- Professional Guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in the tours.

Entrance Fees
- Entrances Fees and Tickets.

- Local Taxes.
- Service Charge.

History About Places

Egytian Obeliks:The obelisk was erectedduring the 18th dynasty by Pharaoh Thutmose III (1479–1425 BC), to the south of the seventh pylon of the great temple of Karnak. The Roman emperor Constantius II (337–361 AD) had it and another obelisk transported alongthe river Nile to Alexandria to commemorate his ventennalia or 20 years on thethrone in 357. The other obelisk was erected on the spina of the Circus Maximus in Rome in the autumn of that year, and is today known as the LateranObelisk, whilst the obeliskthat would become the obelisk of Theodosius remained in Alexandria until 390,when Theodosius I (379–395 AD) had it transported to Constantinople and put up onthe spina of the Hippodrome there.

 The former center forentertainment, sports and political activities in the city during theRoman and Bzyantine Empires. You will be able to see the Obelisk fromEgypt, Serpentine Column from Delphi and fountain of Willhelm II.
St.Sophia: The Church of HolyWisdom, undoubtedly one of the greatest architectural creations in the Worldused as a mosque during Ottomans and serving as a museum today

Blue Mosque: One of the biggestmosques of Istanbul from 17th century architecture is one of theprincipal adornments on the skyline of Istanbul. Also famous for its blue tilesand 6 minarest.
Grand Bazaar:The oldest and thelargest covered market place in the World with nearly 4.000shops fuul of rich collections of carpets, jewellery, leather,and souvenirs.
Topkapi Palace: The great palace of theOttoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries housing an exquisitecollection of cyrstal, silver, and Chinese porcelain, robes worn by thesultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury,miniatures, the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed
Closed : Topkapi Palace is closedon Tuesday.
German Fountain:
The German Fountain (TurkishAlman Çeşmesi German: Deutscher Brunnen) is a gazebo styled fountain inthe northern end of old hippodrome (Sultanahmet Square), IstanbulTurkey and across fromthe Mausoleum of Sultan Ahmed I. It was constructed to commemorate the second anniversary of German Emperor Wilhelm II's visit to Istanbul in 1898. It was built in Germany, then transportedpiece by piece and assembled in its current site in 1900. The neo-Byzantine style fountain's octagonal dome has eight marble columns, anddome's interior is covered with golden mosaics